Projects that bridge the gap between the archive, the classroom, and the community

I am deeply committed to projects that open scholarship up to the widest possible audience and initiate conversations among citizens about the relationship between past and present. I especially enjoy working with secondary educators to help the next generation of Americans learn about our nation’s complex history.

Religion in American History Project, The Ashbrook Center at Ashland University (in collaboration with David Tucker)

The purpose of the Religion in American History Project (RAHP) is to improve the quality of resources available to middle and high school teachers on the role of religion in American history and politics. In addition to providing professional development seminars on topics like religious liberty and religion and civic education, we also maintain the website ReligioninAmerica where we have an ever-growing library of annotated and edited primary sources and accompanying scholarly analysis related to the influence of religious ideas and people on America–and the influence of America on religious ideas and people.

Contributing Editor, The Center for Christian Civics (with Brian Andrew Smith)

The Center for Christian Civics is a multi-partisan organization “working to help the church navigate the public square.” I am pleased to contribute to their ongoing efforts at civic education.