Sarah Morgan Smith

scholar. teacher. mom. tea drinker.

I’m Sarah.

I hate small talk, but I love Jesus, my family, tea, and making connections between the past and present in a way that promotes human dignity and flourishing in the future. I specialize in the area of civic formation–thinking through the question “what kind of people must we be?”–and providing historical perspective on the enduring challenge of translating political principles into workable civic practices.

Want to talk about religion and politics and all the other taboo-around-the-Thanksgiving-table topics? Me too.

Trying to think and pray deeply about the intersection of theology and civic life on both the national level and in your own neighborhood or church? Me too.

Looking for ways to help your kiddos engage with the great minds of the past so they are equipped to face the future with not just skills but principled commitments? Me too.

Come and sit by me for a while: have a cup of tea, a slice of cake, and let’s talk about the places we’ve been, the messes and joys we find ourselves in, and the hope we have for the future.  

A native New Jerseyan, I am proud to have received my Ph.D. in Political Science from Rutgers University.


We study history neither as tool nor weapon, but rather to join a conversation between past and present about what it means to live well. 

– Sarah A. Morgan smith